Lunch Dessert


seasonal pie served with vanilla ice cream … 6

cupcake of the day selection of the day … 5.50

chocolate mandarin chocolate mousse, hazelnut crunch, mandarin filling … 7

mango passion cake exotic mousse, syrup biscuit, mango cubes … 6.50


french press coffee blend select coffee, product of torino italy, lavazza premium coffee … 10

sweet bourbon coffee freshly brewed coffee with our palmer house select bourbon and jack daniel’s honey … 11

chocolate hazelnut coffee freshly brewed coffee with godiva dark and frangelico, served with freshly whipped cream … 10

single … 5
double … 8

cappuccino espresso with frothed milk: caramel, vanilla or hazelnut … 6

latte espresso with steamed milk: caramel, vanilla or hazelnut … 6

cafe mocha espresso, milk, chocolate, whip cream … 6.5

hot tea … 4
darjeeling (regular & decaf), english breakfast, earl grey supreme, earl grey decaf, citron green, sencha (regular & decaf), french super blue lavender, rooibos chai, peppermint verbena, chamomile

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