Dennis Watkins’ The Magic Parlour
An Intimate Evening of Classic Magic with Dennis Watkins

Award-Winning, Third-Generation Magician and Mind-Reader Dennis Watkins has joined forces with Goodman Theatre and Petterino’s to create a one-of-a-kind magic theater in the heart of downtown Chicago. Now performing 6 shows weekly at The Magic Parlour located at 50 W Randolph. All guests of the Palmer House are invited to use code PALMER to receive 15% off your ticket purchase.

Enter the doors and discover a hidden world inside Watkins’ intimate Magic Parlour. Grab a cocktail from the bar, settle in and reconnect with your sense of childlike wonder as miracles unfold inches in front of your eyes, and even in your own hands.

Reserve tickets The Magic Parlour show online or by calling (312) 300-6803.

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You’ll be mightily impressed by Watkins. [This is] old-fashioned trickery performed very well in an ideal setting by a man with a heart and a story who craves being close to his audience.”
– Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“A perfect evening of illusion and laughter…
After the show ended to wild applause, I found myself on the elevator with a few fellow audience members. Bonded by the most unique of experiences, we wondered: how did he do it? There was no stage, the venue was tiny, yet no one could unlock the many mysteries we’d just witnessed…On the train ride home, I realized something: I didn’t know how he did it, and I didn’t care. The Magic Parlour transformed a roomful of tired adults into wide-eyed, wide awake innocents. And that in itself is Watkins’ most impressive trick.”
Chicago Theater Beat

“This late-night magic show is exactly what it should be: funny, lively, intimate, and utterly baffling.”
The Chicago Reader