Lunch Menu

starters to share

charcuterie, cured meats, pickled vegetables, mustard, grilled sourdough / 18

artisan cheese, spiced nuts, raisin bread & date chutney / 19

flatbread, merguez sausage, manchego cheese, smoked paprika oil / 15

grilled shrimp, soba noodles, sweet chili, sesame seaweed salad / 15

steam buns, pork shoulder, pickled chilies, cucumbers, cilantro / 13

hummus, red pepper pine nut relish, olive oil, pita / 13

soup & salads

white bean soup, bacon, white bean ragout / 10

duck salad, oranges, grapes, walnuts, soy citrus vinaigrette / 16

asparagus salad, poached eggs, frisee, truffle vinaigrette / 14

smoked salmon, spring greens, marble potato salad, dill/ 15


lobster roll, buttered new england bun, lemon mayo, celery, romaine / 19 

lockwood burger, slagel  beef, onion jam, white cheddar, cress, mustard aioli / 18

kalbi short rib sandwich, kimchi, surachai aioli / 16


soy ginger salmon, sticky rice, pickles, scallions / 23

ramen, pork shoulder, shitake, pickled chilies, dashi, nori / 15

soft shell crab, avocado wasabi mousse, tasoi,  sweet soy vinaigrette / 18

roasted chicken breast, red pepper puree, peas, favas, pearl onions / 23 

pappardelle, mushrooms, fresh chevre cheese, tomatoes, peas, herbs / 16 

whitefish, chickpea, olives, tomatoes, baby carrots / 24 

flat iron, panzanella salad, feta, chimichurri / 24

wines by the glass


la marca prosecco, italy / 10


napa cellars, chardonnay, napa / 12

girard, sauvignon blanc, napa valley / 11


coppola’s director’s cut, cabernet, sonoma / 15

garnet, pinot noir, carneros, ca / 14

bodega norton reserve, malbec, argentina / 13

exceptional refreshments

filbert’s bottled root beer / 5 

palmer house bottled orange cream soda / 5

cuban cooler, white cranberry, apple juice, mint, lime, club soda / 8

apricot gingertini, white grape juice, apricot nectar, ginger simple syrup, cloves / 8

warm beverages

espresso,  single / 5   double / 8   cappuccino / 6   latte / 6   café mocha / 6.5

tea, a selection of premium teas: darjeeling, darjeeling decaf, english breakfast, earl grey supreme, earl grey decaf, citron green, sencha, sencha decaf, french super blue lavender, rooibos chai, peppermint verbena, chamomile / 4



prix fix lunch menu ... 30

white bean soup bacon, white bean ragout

grilled shrimp soba noodles, sweet chili, sesame seaweed salad

steam bun pork shoulder, pickled chilies, cucumbers, cilantro


lockwood burger buttered new england bun, lemon mayo, celery, romaine

pappardelle mushrooms, fresh chevre cheese, tomatoes, herbs

whitefish chickpea, olives, tomatoes, spinach


bertha’s famous brownie
bite into a piece of history! The first brownie was created in the palmer house pastry kitchen in 1893 for the Columbian Exposition World’s Fair in Chicago. Bertha Palmer was president of the Board of Lady Managers and charged the pastry chef at the time to create something different. The result: the brownie. The first reference to the “brownie” in America appears in the Sears Roebuck catalog published in Chicago in 1898.

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