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Reserve a program to take place during an identified need period to take advantage of tremendous savings including:

    • Receive up to $50,000 Master Account Credit to Production Costs
    • Receive up to $10,000 Master Account Electrical Power Credit to General Session
    • $23 per Coffee Gallon• Office Break for up to 15 Guests with Snack Refresh, Parking, Private Key & Bottomless Dibs Mugs
    • Basic Internet for Meeting Program
    • 50% Discount to Self-Parking for Attendees
    • 1% Room Proceeds will be donated to Camp Kids are Kids Chicago or UCAN Chicago based on Organization Preference
    • Digital Guestroom Key for Attendees Registered as Hilton Honors Members
    • Hilton will offset your event’s carbon emissions as identified by our Meeting Impact Calculator report and will invest in a portfolio of high-quality carbon reduction project
    • Hilton Honors Event Planner Points

Take advantage of this value offer when you reserve an event to take place over the identified need periods below:

2023: March, November, December
2024: January, February, March, November, December
2025: January, February, March, November, December

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